Annual Vision Meeting


A letter from Co-Pastors Abraham & Deborah Lara

To God be the glory. In 2022, we saw God working in and through Mountainview; from outreach and fellowship to our Sunday gatherings and special services. Our community groups provided belonging and care, and also served in various ways in our city. We built a sound booth, sent students to Colorado for the national youth conference, and we partnered with West Chestnut Academy to allow them to use our facility. We partnered with missionaries in Rwanda, to the Sylheti people, and sent two of our own on a mission trip around the world. Truly God deserves all praise.

Last Year’s Strategic Focus

Last year, we stated that our goal for Mountainview was to be healthy. What does that look like? We can look at it in two ways; personally and congregation-ally.

Personally, take a moment to do a self-reflection and ask yourself:

  • Am I physically, emotionally, and spiritually healthy?
  • Am I spending time in God’s Word?
  • Am I actively praying?=
  • Am I purposefully submitting my life to the Holy Spirit?
  • Am I looking for opportunities to invite others to join us?
  • Am I committed to support the ministry of the church financially?

In an effort to continue focusing on spiritual health among our congregation Joddi-Jay will be taking on the role as Spiritual Formation Pastor. Part of her role will be to offer 1-on-1 coaching sessions for anyone who would like help in discovering their gifting, discerning God’s will, or working through some other spiritual questions.

There are a different set of question to ask to determine our health as a congregation:

  • Is there unity among us?
  • Are we welcoming and including those who do visit?
  • Are we intentionally making disciples?
  • Are we known as a church that serves the least, last, and lost?
  • Are we good stewards of the resources we’ve been given?
  • Are we financially sound?*
  • Are we “on mission” together?*

For nearly all of those questions, as your Pastors, the answer is a resounding “Yes”. Mountainview Christian Fellowship is a warm and welcoming church. Through our community group’s outreach efforts we are becoming known as a church that serves. And for our building being 40+ years old, this church has taken very good care of it.

We describe our financial stability and outlook in the attached Year End Financial Update. But we’ll focus on the “mission” aspect here.

This Year’s Strategic Focus

The responsibility rests with us that we don’t feel like we’re “on mission” together because we haven’t done a good job of putting that mission in front of you. It’s not that we aren’t a loving and welcoming church, because we are. We just haven’t given you a clear vision and mission.

Vision is what we see the future state of Mountainview to be. And Mission is how we’re going to get there.

Our vision paraphrased from the Book of Discipline (¶6000)…

“At Mountainview, we want to bring wholeness to the world by inviting people into a community of Jesus followers who multiply disciples, leaders, groups, and churches; because Jesus changes everything!

How are we going to become this “wholeness bringing” community?

We commit to…

  • Love God Daily…through prayer, Bible reading & meditation, & being led by the Holy Spirit.
  • Make Disciples Intentionally…by introducing people to Jesus, teaching them God’s Word, & encouraging holy living.
  • Love People Always…by welcoming everyone, including them in community, & serving everyone with grace.

Are you with us? Are you ready to bring wholeness to the world around you? If you’re part of Mountainview, you’re already in a community who follows Jesus. Are you ready to commit to love God daily, make disciples intentionally, and love people always?

Let’s make 2023 a year to remember,

Abraham Lara

Lead Co-Pastor

Deborah Lara

Lead Co-Pastor